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Artists who sell art prints.

Fine art prints have become a common staple in many artists collections of artwork. They are a great product choice to compliment an artists collection, open up their customer base and have great longevity. 
The process of printing, framing, shipping and the customer service that goes along with selling fine art prints can be hard to manage at times. It can take a lot of time and effort for an artist to complete each step efficiently and accurately, and if something goes wrong your customers may not want to come back.
This is where Artist Services can step in and take care of all this for you, leaving you with more time to create art, focus on growing your art business and take that much needed holiday!

  • 6 min read
At endemicworld, we receive a varied bunch of file types, but tend to prefer TIFFs and Photoshop PDF's that have been set up for print - though JPEGs are absolutely fine also depending on the quality.
  • 3 min read
In this blog post, we feature a podcast episode from the Savvy Painter, that invites an expert in fine art printing Jake Hawley to answer listener questions and offer up advice on how to get the best result from your fine art print.
  • 1 min read
In this blog post we cover the top three most important things to consider when choosing the right art paper for your art prints:

#1: Who is my customer?
#2: How much profit do I want to make on each art print I sell?
#3: What is my business model?

  • 3 min read
Ever wondered what cotton rag is? Cotton paper is superior in both strength and durability to wood pulp-based paper... Is has many benefits and can make your art prints really pop. Creamier whites and textured surfaces provide a luxurious high end look and feel. 
  • 2 min read