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Framing art prints is essential, without it the job is only half done. We offer an easy & affordable framing service when you order your art prints. This enables you to sell framed art prints on demand without the hassle of visiting a printer, then a framer, then the post office.

We have years of experience safely packaging and shipping art around New Zealand. Let us take care of everything for you so that your art arrives professionally presented in our custom made boxes, ready to hang. We promise your customers will be very happy!

On this page you will find some detailed imagery of the various frame mouldings & colours, finished framed dimensions and some examples of framed art prints.

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Simple Framing

Simple framing is the most popular and best value, offering a contemporary, clean look and affordable option for framing art prints for your customers. Prints are placed straight in against the glass, taped and strung ready to hang. Standard framing is the framing option provided on every print product page. Here is a couple of detailed images of what standard framing looks like. 

Skinny Frames

A super thin contemporary frame moulding for a minimal look

Moulding dimensions:
20mm wide x 20mm high

Finished frame dimensions:
A4 = 240mm x 330mm
A3 = 330mm x 450mm
A2 = 450mm x 625mm
A1 = 625mm x 890mm

Skinny mouldings are not available for art prints bigger
than A1 because it is not strong enough

Classic Frames

A timeless frame moulding adding a little more width
to increase the overall size of your work

Moulding dimensions:
30mm wide x 20mm high

Finished framed dimensions:
A4 = 260mm x 345mm
A3 = 345mm x 470mm
A2 = 470mm x 645mm
A1 = 645mm x 890mm
A0 = 905mm x 1250mm

Box Frames

A modern frame moulding adding a little more depth,
perfect for floating or set back framing.

Moulding dimensions: 
20mm wide x 30mm high

Finished framed dimensions: 
A4 = 240mm x 330mm
A3 = 330mm x 450mm
A2 = 450mm x 625mm
A1 = 635mm x 880mm
A0 = 895mm x 1240mm

Note: “deep box” moulding is used for A0 for strength,
dimensions = 20mm wide x 40mm high

Framing Notes & Care Instructions

Frames come with acid free backing boards and standard 2mm glass.

A4-A1 prints are strung and ready to hang. A0 prints have heavy duty D-rings to ensure safe hanging.

All frames are cleanly tapped on the back for a professional finish.

Raw frames will slightly darken over time.

Avoid direct sun light to protect your art from fading.

UV of non-reflective glass is available upon request.

It is very important to inform your customers of how to correctly hang and display their art, we are not liable for damage caused by your customers.

We highly recommend including these frame care instructions on your own website.